Travel Diplomacy

Who’s Viola?


Hi! I’m Viola Serena Stefanello, a 20 year old Italian student of International Relations and Diplomacy in Gorizia, right on the border with Slovenia. It’s a fairly quiet, small place. I was born – and have lived for most of my life – in an even smaller town: Vigonza, a countryside bliss for people who love silence, boredom and drinking. Right between Padova and one of the world’s most famous cities: Venice.

I’ve loved writing ever since I can remember. I wrote stories about dogs going on adventures and dragons and diaries. When adolscence struck me I wrote poetry about love and how unfair life was – and I even won a couple of literary contests. Then I grew up and made peace with myself, I  went off to university and I got sucked into a dark vicious cycle of newspaper articles and journalism festivals. That’s some heavy stuff – 10/10 would not recommend.

This blog is a result of my insane love for travel – I blame it on my parents taking me to beautiful places before social media was even a thing – and my urgent need to write everything down. That may be the reason why I’m so damn into lists and Moleskines.